Raiding the Refrigerator

Never teach a chicken what is in the refrigerator!

I did and now it comes back at me from time to time.  You see, the chickens being the tamest, most spoiled hens ever is my doing. . . One day I was getting ready for lunch, they of course noticed and started chicken yelling to remind me that it was my lunchtime and that I should come out and share with them. . .never share elk with beets and carrots in a balsamic reduction with chickens, ever!  That is another tale though.  I went to the door to tell them to shush, which of course they understand and obey. . . Not.  So I picked up Ethel and carried her to the to the fridge which I opened and pulled out some leftovers for my lunch.  Still holding her in the football carry, I gave her some meat. . .Which shut her up.

And also imprinted in her chicken brain:  Fridge = Meat.

That was over a year ago.  Remember, tamest and most spoiled chickens.  Here is a picture of her after she walked in the backdoor while I was taking out the trash and  recycling.  There she went, through the mudroom and into the kitchen, to the very spot critical to her needs. . .Notice her using the close-range eye on it, the white door to Meat!

— Greer


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