is it secret? is it safe?

Secrets. . .

I went out to the porch to see what the morning’s commotion was.  Strawberry, as is her habit, gets bored/lonely while Ethel is laying.  Surrounded by five younger hens, she squawks and cries on the patio at the kitchen window, or stands on a planter and wails into the bedroom.  Yeah, right. . . the tamest and spoiledest chickens ever!

So, I put on my boots, went out and surveyed the situation.  I did not see Ethel in her nesting box.  Looking closer, I found her in the coop, way back in the corner, nesting in a pile of cedar shavings.  Making all of her “I’m getting ready to lay an egg” noises.  OK, so she is in the coop and poor Strawberry is alone with the five younger hens.  Situation everyday. . .

Secret Clutch 01

Later I looked, and Strawberry was in her customary nesting box.  Cool.  But wait, one of the buffs is going back and forth in the same corner as Ethel. . .

I looked in and what do I see?  A number of eggs which seems. . . a lot!  I opened the  side door to the coop and found thirteen (13) eggs!!!

Secret Clutch 02

Are they trying to hide them from us and make more chickens?  Sorry, that won’t work girls.  No rooster!


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