Winter Break Visitor: Paleo Experiment

Our nephew is staying with us for one week over the Winter Break.  He has celiac disease (he must eat gluten free), and has been a notoriously picky eater.  Previous visits to our house have meant making special pasta or sandwiches just for him.  With his mom’s blessing, we decided to make this visit a completely Paleo experiment.  (She doesn’t want to buy the expensive gluten free items for him anymore, either, and is now eating mostly Paleo herself.)


Side note: our Christmas present to him was camouflage pajamas that match the ones we bought recently. Aren’t we cute? :)

Knowing how picky he’s been, we developed a menu that included Paleo versions of comfort foods that are familiar.  Breakfasts are either smoothies or backyard eggs with sausage and melon.  Lunches were leftovers from dinner.  We also included daily outdoor activity, such as hiking or playing tag in the park.

Focusing on familiar foods let me try out some new recipes as well.  Here are the foods we tried:

12/27 – Taco night, starting with jicama chips, salsa and guacamole
12/28 – Oven pulled pork, rainbow slaw
12/29 – Paleo pancakes (from Make it Paleo),
Chinese fried “rice” (cauliflower)
12/29 – Green Pizza
12/30 – Meatballs and tomato soup, with shredded parmesan cheese
12/31 – Bison burgers with cheese, slaw, sweet potato fries,
truffles for New Year’s Eve dessert
Next on the menu: chicken satay, chiles rellenos, and braised beef
And what are the results of the experiment?  “Mikey likes it!” (raw broccoli and scrambled eggs excepted).  He has devoured each meal and helped cook and clean up.  Particularly grub-worthy were the green pizza, Chinese fried rice, and meatballs.  These foods have even made their way into our nightly “storytime” ritual.  I think that definitely means he approves!
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