A Tale of Two Hiking Adventures

We went on two hikes with our nephew.  Monte Bello Open Space on December 30, and Wilder Ranch State Park on January 1.  Both were beautiful, but different.  At Monte Bello, we saw lots of deer as we hiked through furry trees covered with moss.

2013-01-02_TwoHikingAdventures_01 2013-01-02_TwoHikingAdventures_02 2013-01-02_TwoHikingAdventures_03 2013-01-02_TwoHikingAdventures_04

At Wilder Ranch, we started with a breathtaking walk along the bluffs, and even saw a blue heron.  Then we visited with farm animals at the interpretive center, and gained a sense of farm life there in the late 1800’s.

2013-01-02_TwoHikingAdventures_05 2013-01-02_TwoHikingAdventures_06 2013-01-02_TwoHikingAdventures_07 2013-01-02_TwoHikingAdventures_08  2013-01-02_TwoHikingAdventures_09 2013-01-02_TwoHikingAdventures_10 2013-01-02_TwoHikingAdventures_11 2013-01-02_TwoHikingAdventures_12


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