Rain, Rain, Go Away (maybe)

It’s been pouring down rain, and the backyard is a bit flooded.  When it rains this hard, we open up the garage and let the girls go into part of it so that they can take a break from all the wet.  We move their food in there, and put some scratch into the “magic box” pet carrier to keep them busy.  Today, Buffy has claimed it as her own, and she’s the only hen that’s not dripping…  She’s keeping snug and warm in her own special room!

Greer found a lizard swimming in a puddle and showed it to the chickens.  We think it was a lizard Ethel had met before, because it was missing its tail, and Greer had seen Ethel with a lizard’s tail a few weeks ago.  (Warning: Don’t read the next bit or look at the picture if you’re squeamish!)

Ethel is normally a generous boss chicken, letting the other hens even take things out of her mouth without pecking them.  (We think maybe she holds a grudge though, and gets them after we put them all to bed.)  However, she wouldn’t let anyone get close to her with that lizard!  Strawberry ran after her crying and Ethel just kept at it.  After she worked with it for awhile, Greer said she swallowed it whole.  I’d already gone back into the house, since it was too much for me.  Ewww.  But, I guess it was a pretty good rainy day for Ethel at least!

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