Dark Chocolate Truffles

At a recent catered work event, I had some amazing vegan chocolate truffles.  Which got me thinking how easy it would be to make some myself, since they’re really just coconut cream and chocolate.

I used this recipe as inspiration, but I didn’t use the coconut extract.  I made a double batch, and it took much longer than an hour in the fridge for them to set up.  Some friends helped me roll them, which always makes things more festive and fun!  We dipped them in cocoa powder and crushed almonds.  (I recommend Trader Joe’s for purchasing the cocoa powder and coconut cream, which is  denser than coconut milk.)

Then we needed a cute container for them, and I remembered something I’d seen on Pinterest:

What a fun and simple little package!  Take a cup, cut off the lip, cut strips down the side, and then fold down to close.

The truffles got great reviews, too.  I think maybe next time I’ll add some other flavors for variety!

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