Angry Birds. . .

So.  The neighbor next door has been re-doing her patio.  There are three townhomes over the retaining wall/fence.  Apparently the middle townhome had subterranean termites.

The work commenced.  First there was the very small air hammer from 8-ish to 4-ish daily for a week.  Then the termite company for a couple of days.  Then the very small air hammer returned to the same schedule, with a larger air hammer for a week. Then a little more of just the small one for most of a week.  Let me see, that is three, no three and a half weeks now.  OK.

Then came the grinding, possibly an angle grinder cutting rebar for a week.  Then there was the sound of cutting stone or tile?  For the new patio and a bit of hammer and chisel.  So that brings us to four weeks and a little more.  Then the pressure washing of the fence, which of course sprays through the fence, with a cloud of water six to ten feet into my yard. . .

Now why have I gone on and on with this you ask?  Because the girls took it and pushed through.  A bit of crowing, a bit of cringing, some reduced egg laying. . .but no life or death trauma.

Until today.  Now, there is a man standing on a ladder visible above the fence, installing a security camera.  For some reason seeing him has their sense of territory going!  First Buffy was on the porch and pacing between there are the fence giving the alarm call.  Then the rest of the girls came running and  gathered together in a pack, looking through/at the retaining wall and fence at this man doing  his job. . .

Chickens are weird!

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