Craft Fair

It was almost time for my school’s annual Craft Fair, and I had a sprained left elbow and shoulder.  (I fell with a stack of books after tripping over the library stool.)  It’s pretty tricky to craft with one arm, but thankfully I was well enough by Thanksgiving Break to catch up.
The book page ornaments were popular last year, so I went overboard this time.  I created star and owl ornaments from Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Garfield books that had been “loved too much” and were falling apart.  I guess making 100 ornaments oversaturated my market, but it was nice to have leftovers to give to library volunteers and teachers.

I also sold some pottery I had made during the summer at Foothill College.  It was nice to free up storage space in the pantry, since we weren’t using these objects anyway.

My last item were cup cozies (also known as java jackets).  I crocheted them with leftover yarn and added buttons or felt mustaches.  So all of my items were actually re-used and didn’t cost me for any materials!

I ended up almost tripling my sales from last year, which was great for me and the school, too.  :)

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