We finally purchased a cast iron dutch oven, and it is my new favorite kitchen item!  The final inspiration for purchase came from A Pig in Provence by Georgeanne Brennan.  Brennan writes each chapter about a different Provençale food, including goat cheese, mushrooms, and truffles, and gives recipes for each.  Her chapter on pork made me want to go right out and find some shoulder roast to try braising. 
Wow.  (As Lilly and the Purple Plastic Purse would say, “that’s just about all I could say.  Wow.”)  Braising, where have you been all my life?  It’s like slow-cooking, but so much better.  Yes, it takes a few hours, but then we have leftovers!
Now we’re a little obsessed with braising, since the cuts of meat are much more inexpensive.  Sprouts has grass-fed roasts on sale for $5.99 per pound throughout November, so we’re going to stock up!
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