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Craft Fair

It was almost time for my school’s annual Craft Fair, and I had a sprained left elbow and shoulder.  (I fell with a stack of books after tripping over the library stool.)  It’s pretty tricky to craft with one arm, … Continue reading

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It’s Great to be a Trice Chicken

We cleaned out all our raised beds and pots today, since we’re not overwintering anything this year.  We must have had amazing soil in our pots, because they were full of delicious (if you are a chicken) worms.  These were … Continue reading

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Paleo Thanksgiving

We had Greer’s mom and brother over for Thanksgiving this year, and the rule was that everything was going to be Paleo/Primal.  We’ve been eating and living that way for over a year now, and the results have been amazing.  … Continue reading

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Last Produce of the Year

Well, it’s the day before Thanksgiving, and I’m eating watermelon from our garden.  It was the last of our produce for the year, and I was reluctant to cut into it, thinking it might be pale mush or rotten inside.  We … Continue reading

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Monday – Beef Braised in Chianti

Crystal braised some pork on Saturday.  Ahhh. .  .it was good!  So, now it’s my turn.  I saw this recipe in Tuscany The Beautiful Cookbook, a coffee table sized cookbook I bought at COSTCO twelve years ago for the inspirado … Continue reading

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We finally purchased a cast iron dutch oven, and it is my new favorite kitchen item!  The final inspiration for purchase came from A Pig in Provence by Georgeanne Brennan.  Brennan writes each chapter about a different Provençale food, including goat cheese, … Continue reading

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Halloween Snack

It was my turn for faculty snack and Halloween, so time to get a little creative.  My coworker helped me put the spread together, so we had fruit salads, veggies, cheese, crackers, cookies, chips, salsa, and chocolates (of course!).  And the star … Continue reading

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