Ethel Crows Again.

I had just finished my morning call at 9am, when Ethel made a crowing noise.  Twice.  Now, Ethel is the alpha hen, so crowing is something she can take on when she decides it is needed.  This could mean there is a problem in the yard, or simply that she wants humans to come out and flock.  But there is the sound of an jack hammer in the neighborhood and that could be it.

OK I’ll bite.  I got a cup of coffee and went outside.  I immediately discovered the jack hammer was breaking concrete in the patio of the townhouse next door.  There was Ethel, cringing beside the oak tree, with its trunk between her and the noise.  I could hear why.  Man was it loud and annoying!  She did look like she was grinding her teeth, if she had any that is.

What came next freaked them all out.  The sound of a square nose shovel scraping across something hard as it scooped up debris.  That had them all stirred up.  I walked them over to the North side of the house, by the chimney where both noises were significantly mitigated and they settled down.

The noise has stopped, so perhaps they’ve finished next door?  Ahh no, there it is again.

Ahh the fun and exciting life of backyard chicken keeping.

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