Buffy Visits the Library

“Princess” Buffy very much enjoyed her visit to the Library.  I gave a talk about raising Heritage Chickens in Your Backyard, and had ten humans attend, which I’m told is a good number for an adult program at this library.
We weren’t sure how Buffy would react, since the talk was past her bedtime.  When we locked the rest of the hens up that night, we scooped up Buffy and put her in the pet carrier we had waiting in the car (which I got for free on Freecycle!)  Greer had sprinkled some litter and chicken scratch on the bottom of the crate (on top of some old carpet), so Buffy quickly started pecking through that.
Once we carried her into the Library, she was perfectly content, until we turned off the lights to test the projector and she couldn’t see to scratch.  She let us know she wasn’t happy with loud protests until we turned the lights back on.  If she was going to be up past bedtime, she wanted to be up!  She even seemed to watch the video I made of all the hens.

When it came time for her to be passed around for people to hold her, she acted beautifully.  I think she loved all the extra attention (and cranberries).  Maybe she really could be a therapy chicken?

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