What is that smell? Oh it’s Sauerkraut.

We made Sauerkraut!  And pickles and sour beets. . .

On Tuesday I was talking with Farmer Pete who suggested I hit up Chef Chu’s on El Camino for food grade 5-gallon buckets.  Pete said they get loads of Soy Sauce in them.  Pete also gave me two heads of cabbage to start me off.  Sure enough, we went straight over from Bubb and BAMM!  The guy aat Chef Chu’s asked me how many buckets I wanted, and before you know it six of them were in the trunk on the way home with us.  Yay!

We were inspired by a fermentation talk at the Heirloom Expo given by the folks from Wild West Ferments. They talked about their own journey to fermentation, early trials and gave some great advice about not throwing things out.  If it’s under the water, it is OK!  We had ordered the book they recommended from Amazon, Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods by Sandor Katz.  It arrived Friday afternoon.  It is not bad.  The recipes are pretty simple to follow.

So, into the buckets went the two heads of cabbage which made exactly ten pounds.  Some salt, water and a bit of smushing every couple of hours.  And the same for the beets and a whole pile of cucumbers.  And now we wait!

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