National Heirloom Expo – Report

OK, we did go yesterday.  It was cool!  Of course I had some expectations built that were not met, but hey, if you build an unrealistic expectation. . .you should also expect it to be unfulfilled!  Logical, yes?  I expected gritty and it was a bit fluffy.  There was some great stuff though!  I found the biodynamic demonstration area inspiring!  It made me feel like I am on the right track.  The whole biodynamic-permaculture aspect tends to be on the mystical-ethereal swing your arm and create everything in a spiral side of thinking.  It really should be focused on the science side, the why to do something a certain way at a certain  time, because this plant or organism lives/works/acts in this manner.  No magic smoke, simply growing things the way they want to grow be design and learning through trial and error.  Oh, scientific method. . .yes.

I listened to a talk on growing vegetables from seed given by a local farmer and a seed grower from New York.  That was OK, although neither of them used or mentioned using soil blocks.  Soil blocks are my next step for this coming Spring planting season.

The vendor area was great, the variety of vendors extensive.  There were all the seed companies that I have looked at and more!  Baker Creek who put the Expo on, D. Landreth Company the oldest seed company in America, Territorial Seed from. . .Oregon and many more.

I went with Crystal to her Fermentation talk.  That was quite inspiring. . .It made me think about spontaneous fermentation beer, the Lambic!   And sauerkraut, yum!  The talk was put on by Wild West Ferments out in Point Reyes Station.

The Chicken Whisperer talk was really fun!  It was by  Patricia Foreman who authored “City Chicks: Keeping Micro-flocks of Chickens” and a few other cool books.  She had  a great presentation, showed us some tips, such as how to hold them, that we tried today on the girls.  It worked on the younger ones, but Ethel and Strawberry are just so used to being carried tucked under the arm like a football they won’t stand the other way.

We had a grass-fed beef burger done protein style from some guys who had a cart at the Expo.  I did not write down their name, they were good!  Then the long trek back home from Santa Rosa.  Overall a great experience, full of joy and inspiration.

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