Egg Micro-CSA

What to do with seven laying hens and only two egg eaters?

Greer and I consume a total of about 12 eggs per week.

At maximum, our hens will produce 49 eggs per week, but that is unlikely.  We’re hoping to get at least 36 per week (an average of about five per day), but that could decrease over the winter, especially since Ethel and Strawberry are molting.

But we’re hopeful for 24 eggs per week extra!  With this in mind, I started a micro-CSA for eggs with a few coworkers.  I asked around to see who would like to receive a half-dozen each week, and quickly reached capacity.  I’m charging $3 per week for six eggs, which adds up to $48 per month (unless we end up with extra eggs, which is a bonus).

$48 is the exact amount of a month’s supply (50 lbs) of organic chicken feed and scratch for our girls, so they now pay for themselves!  Plus we still get their delicious, nutritious eggs, as well as the pleasure of their company.  :)

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