Chicken Sitters

While we were away in Oregon, we enlisted the help of our wonderful neighbors across the street to chicken sit for us.  Their family includes two teenagers, who seemed excited about taking care of the girls for us.  Unfortunately, they had a prior commitment for part of the time, so we asked someone who bought some pullets from us to fill in for that time.  (We have chicken sat for them, and they live close by.)  As it turned out, they were going to be out of town as well, so they asked their brother to do it for us, since he was chicken sitting for them. 

I was a little nervous about all this changing-of-the-guard, that someone would forget.  However, with Greer’s mom stopping by a few times with table scraps, and a friend unexpectedly needing to stay at our place, the girls had plenty of people looking after them and spoiling them.  It’s nice to know that they are well-loved by people besides us!

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