Oregon Road Trip Day 9: Corvallis

After the best goat milk smoothie ever (note to self: not all goat milk tastes like goat milk), we hit the road for a Farmer’s Market tour on our way South. 

We also stopped at the Oregon Trail End of the Line in Oregon City, but unfortunately there’s nothing really there right now, due to budget cuts.  Too bad, because I really wanted a t-shirt that said I made it (and didn’t die of dysentery like I did so often playing the computer game in school).

The Oregon City Farmer’s market had a Friends of the Library stand!  We also stopped at the Salem, Albany, and Corvallis markets.

At Corvallis, we learned about growing mushrooms in a log in a Christmas tree stand.  It seems really easy to do.  Unfortunately, it was over 100 degrees all afternoon, so not fun for camping outside.  We escaped the heat by shopping a little, and ate cold shrimp & broccoli salad for dinner, with cherries from the Oregon City market ($1.99 per pound!) for dessert.

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