Oregon Road Trip Day 10: Covered Bridges

Day 10:

We started the morning in Albany at the KOA Campground.  With so much talk about the covered bridges, we thought we better check some out!  We chose a concentration of them near Cottage Grove, Oregon.  There is a nice loop to the East that includes a half dozen or so bridges.  First we went into Cottage Grove to recon.  Then out we went.

This first photo is on that is cut into a dead end.  Cool though.

The second photo is a retro bridge built in Cottage Grove.

Overall, not too exciting, though still cool.  We had some lunch and started mulling over the idea of NOT going back North to the campground we had reserved for the evening.  At this point in our trip we didn’t want to spend any more time in Eugene.  Sorry to the Ducks in the reading audience, but there it is.  Should we just throw caution to the wind and head South to Grants Pass?

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