Oregon Road Trip Day 8: Hood River Fruit Loop (danger)

The Hood River Fruit Loop started with an idealized, picture-postcard perfect, panoramic view of the valley.

That view was quickly marred by the mechanical sound of someone spraying pesticides close by.  You could see plumes of spray a few hundred meters away.

There are numerous farms on the 35 mile loop, but no one seemed to know of any that were organic, and the signs below were actually frightening:

Danger: Pesticides.  Keep Out.  Not exactly making us want to buy some peaches or berries… 

We did find a nice alpaca farm, Cascade Alpacas.  I enjoyed hearing the owner’s passion for them, and bought some soft wool from some of their animals.  Apparently alpacas can be used as guard animals for goats, so maybe we’ll have some!

After a short jaunt to the Dalles (very hot!) and look at the Gorge from Rowena’s Point, we stopped by the Mosier Survival Farm for some veggies, dried pears and the best goat milk I’ve ever tasted.  We used the veggies to try to recreate the kale ginger salad from Cultured Caveman for dinner.

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