Oregon Road Trip Day 5: Clatsop County Fair

We greatly enjoyed the Clatsop County Fair. There were so many different livestock, food, and craft exhibits!  We think our chickens are better than even the most fancy ones, though.  Also… we really want goats.  Very inspirational.

We ate lunch from the trunk of the car at Sauvie Island, an island in Portland that is mostly covered with farms, mostly U-Pick.

We purchased a new cooler, stopped at a roadside stand for some veggies, and went to our campsite at L.L. Stub Stewart.  The ranger made us set up our tent *on gravel* and it was windy and damp all night, so it was pretty miserable.  We were also surrounded by middle school students from OMSI that had the exact same tent as us!  We left as soon as we could the next morning.

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