Oregon Road Trip Day 3: Rockaway Beach

Day 3.

We roamed into Tillamook today.  Surprisingly, a lot of things are closed on Sunday.  It was, refreshing!  We went to the Blue Heron Cheese Company, which was OK, but not as cool as the run up to it.  The folks there were nice, and one girl who was giving out cheese samples, her family had moved there from Sacramento just ten months prior.

Next, the Tillamook Forest Center.  This is a very well put together museum about re-growing the Tillamook Forest after a series of tremendous forest fires in the first half of the twentieth century.  There are hiking trails that we didn’t get a chance to do, and I would come back for.  The center tells a great story, it is the whole State coming together to re-forest, re-grow and prevent a repeat of the fires in the future.  Starting with the Governor, volunteers from all walks of life, school kids, people coming out form the city, all working together.  Go Oregon!

We drove along the coast North and ate lunch in Rockaway Beach at the Old Oregon SmokeHouse.  The guys there were friendly, nice and the food was good!  Nice shore fare, some clams strips, fish, shrimps.  Yum!

We next went to Cape Mears and were reading this sign to determine what species of birds were huddles all over the rocks when we noticed a bird circling upwards in the updraft.  It was a Peregrine falcon and it flashed by us knife-edge right past our faces, maybe twenty feet away.  It was so close it felt that I could reach out and touch it.

Us at the Tillamook Forest Center.  We balanced the camera, set the timer and Bam, there we are headless.

The view at Cape Mears, looking out at the rocks covered with birds right before the falcon flashed past us.

At this point in the trip, our 5-Day cooler appears to be not so cool. . .We bought it at Wal-Mart in Milpitas specifically because it is rated to keep ice, well as ice for 5-Days in 90* heat.  It is Summer, but it is just not even close to that hot here.  I have replaced the ice twice already, on day three of the trip. . .

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