Oregon Road Trip Day 2: Grants Pass

Day 2.

We got up and moving early this morning.  The day’s driving goal is Cape Lookout State Park near Tillamook tonight.  That’s about 320 miles to cover with a few stops in between!

But first we want to hit the Grants Pass Grower’s Market, my favorite in Oregon.  Great stuff to buy and eat, wonderful people to meet and talk about everything with!  We bought some blueberries, some nectarines, talked with a lady who was running the booth for her daughter.  They were selling pastured chicken!  Her daughter and son-in-law had interned at Polyface!  We told her about buying pastured chicken from Shaelyn and her husband in Pescadero.  Crystal got a sample of beer from a couple of guys who started brewing in Applegate just last year.  It smelled very nice, but I was driving and it was barely past breakfast time. . .Then we were off to Eugene the “City Where Everybody Runs!”

The drive North to Eugene, actually Springfield first, climbs up out of the Rogue River Valley, through forested mountains and verdant valleys.  It is a nice drive.  Our next stop though was the Eugene-Cascade-Coast Visitor’s Center where we planned on picking up info on the area and the coast.  It was way fortunate that the visitor center is in a big box shopping area, across the parking lot from Best Buy.  The power cord for Tim, our TomTom GPS went geschmirt on the road and needed to be replaced ASAP!  As I was exiting the 5 though what should my eyes be drawn to but CABELA’S!!!  With the vistor information acquired, a My Heart is in Oregon sticker affixed and the GPS power cord replaced, it was time to venture into the land of the outdoors. . .Cabela’s was everything you would expect, and having been to a few of them there wasn’t anything new to see.  Except on this trip both of us went into a spiral of overwhelm.  Too much stuff, too much to see, too much to hear. . .and we left.  On to Eugene!

Next stop was the Lane County Saturday Farmer’s Market downtown.  We parked in a parking structure a block away and walked over to the market.  The streets were, grungy.  Not in a 90’s flannel shirt-beanie manner, but in a Eddy Street Tenderloin way.  We strolled through the market, it was OK.  But, and here it is, it just didn’t hold a candle to the Grants Pass Grower’s Market.  And the best part was the heavy, oppressive sense there.  Across the street Occupy people were drumming , chanting, loud and irritatingly enough that it permeated your thinking.  Not good, especially for the customers or vendors, none of whom would be in that magical 1% would they?

We left, and headed to a place we found online, “The Kiva Grocery” to check out there selection of local produce and meats!  It too was just OK, and not as large or all encompassing as it seemed to be from online.  Oh, well.  Overall Eugene seems to have a Santa Cruz freaky element that is annoying and felt pervasive to me.

We continued our journey, heading West to the coast.  Through Newport, Oregon, North along the 101.  We stopped at Bear Creek Artichokes and purchased some fresh oysters, salad bits and a crab for dinner.  We got to Cape Lookout State Park, which is along a very beautiful stretch of the Oregon Coast, settled into our campsite and cooked dinner over the fire.  The crab, well he was already cooked.  The oysters Crystal put on the grill and let go for a while.  For a salad I took the fresh greens and some edible flowers, tossed them in a balsamic and we ate!

A tasty crustacean!

Fresh Oysters on the grill!

Fresh Salad mix, edible flowers in a balsamic.

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