Oregon Road Trip Day 1: Ashland

After an auspicious start to our road trip (running through the sprinklers at 4:45 a.m.), we arrived in Ashland, Oregon around noon.  We had lunch at Grilla Bites because it had free wi-fi and boasted an organic salad bar.  Wow, it was a great tasting salad bar with all kinds of in-season veggies! The best part was seeing a farmer come in and drop off some produce while we were there.  This is one restaurant that seems to live up to its local/sustainable name.
We decided to drive around our favorite southern Oregon places before heading to the campsite, so we drove through Jacksonville, and stopped at Gary West Meats.  They had elk meat on sale for $4 per pound, so we bought a few.  We also tried some nice local wines from Grizzly Peak.
We noticed a little fresh market called Gooseberries on our way back through Grants Pass, and found some beautiful swiss chard.  This all made for a lovely dinner in our favorite camping spot at Valley of the Rogue.  Ahh…. Oregon!

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