Oregon Road Trip Day 1: Roly-Poly is a Boy :(

Day 1.

Oregon Road trip day.  Yay!

We were out of the house by 0440, the sprinklers were on. . .Then we freaked out, “did we lock the front door?”  I turned around, drove back the few blocks and parked in front.  Crystal ran through the torrent to check.  Of course it was locked!  So back through the sprinklers she came and got into the car, dripping a bit. . .

Amytha called while we were headed North just about to Lake Shasta. . .Roly-Poly is a boy.  He was crowing constantly and loudly.  He was also trying to have his way with Fluffy-Fluff every other breath.  We sweated that out for a few weeks, whether he was a girl or boy.  We thought he was a boy every other week, then we would say “No, no, he isn’t crowing, or he hasn’t grown spurs”, but now we know  for sure.

He was such a friendly chick, grew a comb and waddles almost from his second week which was freakish.  He is way bigger than his companion Fluffy-Fluff.  We will have to make things right when we get back in ten days.  Here are a couple of pictures of him and Fluff in the garden early one morning in Mid-June.

That is  him in the background, like a miniature cartoon chicken.  Fluff in the fore.

This is one of him with that freakishly giant comb, examining the camera.  Just in case it contains snacks.

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