This morning at a few minutes after 6am, as we sat on the garden bench drinking coffee, giving Fluffy-Fluff and Roly-Poly-Giant-Comb some garden time. . .Whoosh!  A hawk swooped down into the garden, through the yard, and up in to the Oak tree. It lingered under the canopy of the big Oak, grasping for a hold, then fell.  It gained control and exited the stage through the Pepper Patch and was gone.

Fluff was all snuggled up in Crystal’s arm, against her fleece and spotted the hawk before it got there.  Roly reacted a little but did not see it at first.  I was sitting there beside Crystal on the bench and caught the movement in my peripheral vision, then saw a clear, but fleeting glimpse of its underside as it flared into a hard bank to avoid the carport behind us.  It was enough of a glimpse to get out the Sibley’s and work out it the bird.  It was an immature Cooper’s Hawk, Accipiter cooperii.  The garden and the alley behind are a dangerous place for raptor: Utility wires run the length, cutting across the alleyway into yard.  In the garden there are trellis, tomato cages and other obstacles that make flight hazardous.

WoW!  It was a bit of excitement for that early in the morning.

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