And yet more expansion!

We’re expanding our growing space with new raised bed boxes and working in the vertical with a couple of experiments.  We have pallets for pallet gardening that I will plant with strawberries.  We also have some rain gutters Crystal got off FreeCycle that we are using for a lettuce mix.  So we’ll see how those work?

The raised bed boxes are too late for this Spring’s planting.  They will be filled, set up for irrigation and ready for next spring though.  The new beds increase the space by 60%.  The possibility of vertical gardening with pallets, gutters and hanging planters looks to add another 20% to the growing space for a total of nearly double what we have.

I also re-sodded the back lawn, and will be using a 50% rotational schedule for the girls.  Allowing them access to half the lawn at a time so I can seed the other half with pasture grass and allow it to recover from their feeding/digging.  Should work well.

San Marzano tomato seedlings.  Seeds were free from Baker Creek with out seed order.

Totes from Lowe’s, sitting in a row of the new raised bed boxes.  They have been planted with some of the San Marzano tomato seedlings and will get a soaker hose snaked through them for irrigation.

In this pic you can see the new lawn (Pasture) for the girls and the new two twelve foot raised bed boxes.

This is a pallet full of Strawberries I am experimenting with.  Vertical gardening holds some promise.

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