Mayfield Bakery Cafe & Farmer’s Market

Someone gave us a giftcard to the Mayfield Bakery Cafe in Palo Alto, so we decided to try it for brunch for my birthday.  According to the website, “all of our meals feature organic, seasonal and sustainable ingredients.” This sounded like something we’d love, so off we went.

We ordered an egg scramble with asparagus curls and a side of bacon.  The eggs were so pale compared to the eggs we eat from our chickens!  And we ordered the asparagus before we remembered that asparagus is very out of season in June.  It all tasted rather bland.  The bacon was okay, but not particularly sustainable or affordable ($7 for two slices!).  Worst of all, our stomachs started hurting minutes from leaving.  Overall, a disappointing experience, unfortunately.  I guess the best sustainable food comes from our backyard.  :)

On the way back home, however, we stopped at the California Avenue Farmer’s Market, which is small, but surprisingly varied.  We picked up some venison sausage and some fermented jalapeno sauerkraut from Farmhouse Culture.  Delicious artisan food!

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