Ethel is eggstipated

Ethel was fine this morning.  Loud, amok, in charge.  Laid her egg.

This afternoon I gave the baby chicks a little treat, and all the girls came running up for their share. Except, Ethel was missing.  I looked, looked, and wondered what had happened.  She was behind the recycling bin, hiding out. I thought it must be the result of the Styrofoam peanuts she had found in the carport, and eaten like horrible green cotton candy.

Nope, she was lethargically moving along the path.  Then she squatted, and out rolled another egg.  I ran out, but Goldie had already sunk her beak into it, and it was spreading out into the grayfine.  It was a soft shell egg.

Ethel was back to her energetic self within the hour.  This is only the second time she has been eggstipated.  (The first was a week after she laid her first egg.)  She has laid an egg every morning since Thanksgiving last year, with the exception of that day and now.  I doubt there will be one for the morning tomorrow.

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