Freakish Behavior

Yes, our chickens are tamed and ever so spoiled. It is my fault, I admit it. I’ll give you an example. After dropping Crystal off at work this morning I came home to do correspondence, a bit of job-search and chores. I was sitting in my office when Ethel (boss-hen) started squawking loudly at the backdoor and then at the window. After a while got up, needing to water anyways, and went outside. The three of them (Ethel, Strawberry and Lucy) wanted some attention/company and got that while I checked the yard, the pullets and watered the raised beds.

By the time I was finished, Lucy had gone upstairs to the nesting box to possibly lay an egg, leaving Ethel and Strawberry flocking along with me. I went in the house, looking for some sort of snack to give them. I left the door open and whistled for them. Just as I found some prunes (Call them dried Plums!) in the pantry and ate one, there they were at the mudroom doorway. They spotted me eating one and when offered, both of them came into the house, through the mudroom and stood in the doorway as I gave each a prune. They both carried their prunes back through the mudroom, out the door and onto the porch to eat without prodding.
How weird and freakish is that? More dog-like than a chicken huh?
Wait until they catch that squirrel one day. . .Jurassic Park it is.
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