Working at the Pop’s Place

Saturday we had a workday in Walnut Creek. We aren’t farming any there ourselves this year, but we are working on the patio and beds for the Pop’s. He has a dozen of those Growboxes he sticks with that needed cleaning and re-filling. Instead of their proprietary nutrient thing and potting soil I went with a 50/50 mix of Kellogg Natural Gardening Soil and compost. Then I will put worm castings in with each planting, and dispense a worm casting or manure tea every two weeks for additional nutrients. Should work well.

There is also a bed next to his patio that he has worked each year always to a mediocre yield. this year we amended it with four inches of compost and had it rototilled. Tyce Dekker from Urban Grapevine Vineyard Management came by Saturday morning and tilled that patch and a big swath along the terrace surrounding the patio.

Tyce is a great guy, and has worked in garden/farming for all of his life. He tilled the area we grew in last year. His primary service offering is in vineyards: planning, establishing, maintaining year-round and of course wine making. All cool stuff and definitely a great connection for us to make.
Wine is on my list when we can upsize and gain more space to put in a vineyard of our own. . .
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