Little Flyers, well not quite.

At seven this morning, as I was drinking my first cup of coffee and checking my email, a commotion arose in the brooder bin. From across the room I could see a baby chick climb on top of the feeder, and jump off flapping its little wings with all the intent of an eagle. This repeated itself over and over again and grew as others decided jumping as high and far as they can flapping their wings was the thing to do. This did cause a mosh pit brawl among the little flock. For ten minutes they ran their batteries down jumping, flapping, squeaking.

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  1. Trice House says:

    And one did “fly” to the top of the smaller box I put them in while cleaning out the brooder. We were both surprised, but I think I detected a gleam in her eye. I guess it’s time to put hardware cloth on top of the brooder!

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