Digging to China

The chicks have kept us entertained with their most recent antic: digging. Digging a LOT. They love the new pine shavings, and have discovered that they can kick it around and on each other in their attempt to find out what is at the bottom of the shavings. (Plastic.) They continue to peck at the plastic in the hopes of… escape? bugs? We’re not sure, but they sure seem happy at work.

At any given moment, a few chicks are eating, a few are piled up sleeping, and a few are digging away. One of their favorite places to dig is under the food trough. Maybe they’re trying to find the source of all that yummy chick food and scratch? At first we were a bit worried, since our hens didn’t seem to dig much until they were a few months old. After looking at some chicken forums online, though, we were reassured that this is normal, and great chick exercise! :)

Here are a bunch of them sleeping, listening to more classical music. When they get a bit too frenetic, we can turn that on, and it will make some of them drop over asleep almost immediately.

While chickens are a bit timid, they can also be like little dinosaurs and go on the attack. Our little ones are starting to feel comfortable enough to let their personalities show. Yesterday, one ran towards my hand when I was changing their water (which I have to do often, thanks to their digging). She even pecked me a little! So brave for such a small thing. (I hope she doesn’t turn out to be a rooster! We bought girls, but they only guarantee 90% accuracy with that… We’ll find out soon enough, I guess!)

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