Chick tricks

Here are a few entertaining activities regarding our chicks:

1. They often stretch their legs back as if they are stretching to go for a run. I’d love to get a picture of this, but the camera really freaks them out currently. Or maybe it’s just my hand coming in, since I’m usually snatching one up, sometimes to wipe her hindparts to do away with potential pasty butt.

2. They seem to like classical music. I’d read about this before, and tried it with our laying hens when they were pullets. The music calms the chicks down; there’s less jumping and a bit less face-pecking. See this YouTube video for proof that chickens like classical music. :)

3. The chicks get quiet when they hear an adult chicken noise. One at a time, we have carefully introduced our three laying hens to the chicks (keeping a safe distance). The laying hens looked at them, but mostly ignored them and looked for possible food to peck at. The chicks, however, got very quiet, and more than half of them stare at the grown-up chicken. We’re not sure if they’re scared or in awe of big hen greatness!

4. Speaking of staring, the chicks stare at us, too. While the chicks don’t really enjoy being snatched up (who would like to be picked up by a giant, anyway?), they generally calm down in our hands, and they love to look at our faces with their little black shiny eyes. Awww…

And in other chick news, I called the Hatchery this morning. Unfortunately, they are not scheduled to have available Buff Orpingtons until April 26, so we may have to do a second batch with the replacement 12. If they have an “overhatch,” we would get them next week. We’ll find out Monday! It did make me feel better when the customer service representative said “Oh, my!” when I told her how many didn’t make it. It’s good to know that it’s not a common thing.

I took away the paper towels and newspaper after making sure they wouldn’t eat the pine shavings, and the girls are so much happier! About half of them conked out almost immediately, so it must be much more comfy for them.

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