And then there were 14

We now have 10 Barred Rocks and 4 Buff Orpingtons. I’ll call the Hatchery tomorrow to get replacements for our loss (almost half!). We lost three more throughout the day yesterday, the ones that weren’t doing well. However, our current troupe is active and healthy.

I cleaned the brooder this morning and wiped their behinds to prevent “pasty butt.” (Yes, that is a real, and serious problem that can happen.) We have them on newspaper and paper towels for a few days to prevent them from eating the pine shavings until they learn what food is. I think the little gals got too cold during the cleaning process, so I’ll do the brooder cleaning in the afternoons from now on.

We added in the chick feeder today, and they LOVE it. (Yesterday, we put the food on the floor so that they can learn to peck.) They’ve been jumping around on the new feeder like it’s their jungle gym, and they took to eating from it right away.

They’ve done a lot of sleeping today, which means they must be getting more comfortable, but they all scatter when I stick my hand in to do something. Hopefully they’ll get tamer as time goes by!

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