A Coop is a Coop. . .Or is it?

We need a new coop.
We need a new coop for the girls. . .I built this chicken ark from these plans I found online. It seemed like a great idea, an Ark! Pick it up, two-person carry, and move it as needed. Nice pen below, roosting/nesting area above. A few key things were left out of the simple one pager plan.We hashed it over and I decided to extrapolate out this dimension or that, that went OK. Overall though it turned out so-so. Some my fault, some lack of the plan, some lack of experience necessary to know what was good, bad or ugly. Live and learn.
So. After living ten months with the Ark and the three girls, we are going to build a new coop. It will be better, stronger, but will NOT cost six million dollars or the equivilant in 2012 dollars. . .and house the double size flock Crystal is brooding up in my office.
Here is the new coop plan from Mother Earth News. The plans come from this book, the author builds coops and other things. Again, OK plans, but builder beware. . .there are things you must watch out for. In this case dimensions and lumber sizes vary from materials list to construction details to construction photo captions. . .That said, I will report later on the performance of this coop. We are going to make two mods: First the “poop-trays” are a cool idea, but there is a gap of two to three inches from the tray to the nesting boxes ideal for a roosting hen to poop in and sub-optimal for cleaning out said poop in the morning; Second we are going to mount the feeder and waterer to the handle side of the coop. Those are the mods, everything else seems fine?
That’s all folks. . .
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