An Impromptu Craft Fair

A few months ago, I signed up to participate in my school’s Craft Fair fundraiser, thinking that I had plenty of time to make some cute stuffies to sell. Unfortunately, as these things go, my intentions never materialized. However, there were only a few people signed up to sell, and I felt compelled to try anyway.

Earlier this year I went on a pickling frenzy, and made some bread and butter pickles, some dilly carrot pickles, and some radish pickles. We didn’t like the taste of the radish pickles, so they eventually made their way to the organics bin. The other two pickles were nice, but I needed something to sell quickly, so I grabbed those.

I also grabbed the Three-Citrus Marmalade syrup that I made with the help of some friends. It never turned into jam, but it makes a yummy syrup for french toast or chocolate chip pancakes!

I only had seven jars total, so I decided to make some ornaments to sell as well. I took an old Harry Potter book from the library that was falling apart, cut the pages into pentagons, and folded these nifty stars! Instructions

I sold out of the marmalade almost immediately, and the pickles fairly quickly. I sold the stars for $3 (or 4/$10), and almost sold out of the 50 or so I made. I was thrilled with my success! :)

— Crystal

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