Lucy’s egg-laying adventures

Exactly two weeks after Ethel laid her first egg, Lucy decided it was her turn. We knew what to expect this time. Lucy alternated between frantic and secretive behavior, but was a lot quieter than Ethel.

Suddenly, Lucy ran to our back yard, making a raucous, joyous cry. We are convinced that she wanted us to know that she’d laid her first egg, since she calmed down as soon as we came outside to see what was the matter. Her egg was lighter in color, and shaped like first eggs are supposed to be shaped. She walked and ran kind of funny for the rest of the day, but seemed more content than we’ve ever seen her.

Unfortunately, after a few days, Lucy got “eggstipated” (not a real word). She was lethargic for several days, not eating or drinking much. The same thing happened to Ethel (I guess egg-laying takes some getting used to!), but she bounced back much more quickly. In the interim, she laid several eggs with soft shells like these:

But dear Lucy is still having trouble. She seems more like her fiesty self, but there’s only one egg in our nesting box every day, which must be from Ethel. One day she even laid an egg that was at least 50% bigger than her usual size. She squawked loudly that day. :)

We are continuing to enjoy their chicken antics, much more than I ever anticipated. It strangely warms my heart when they follow me around the yard, or come running when I return home!

— Crystal

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