A Paleo Thanksgiving

In mid-August, Greer and I started experimenting with the Paleo diet. Here are the main points: All the meats and vegetables you want. No salt, sugar, grains, tubers, or legumes. We decided to try it for a month to see if it helped Greer manage diabetes, and it definitely did! Within a few weeks, Greer’s blood sugar levels normalized, and he felt like a new person. I felt great, too, with high energy levels and clearer skin. We also started to lose weight, and have lost about 50 pounds between the two of us in three months time! We decided to keep it up.

Even though the Paleo diet allows some freedom to “cheat,” non-Paleo food often makes us feel sick, so we decided to host a Paleo Thanksgiving this year. That meant no mashed potatoes, stuffing, or any of the stuff that makes you want to fall asleep after the meal.

We started out with a turkey from Early Bird Ranch. We have purchased meat chickens from them before, and applaud their work in raising pasture-raised poultry. The turkey (which was roasted with mushroom butter), was so tasty that it tasted like it had its own gravy incorporated in the meat. Thankfully I didn’t overcook it! There was enough to make a crazy amount of turkey soup for my coworkers the next week.

For veggies, I roasted some brussels sprouts with acorn squash. I sauteed some baby broccoli in olive oil and garlic. I baked some carrots with garlic, lemon, and parsley.

We also tried making a “dressing” with elk, walnuts, apples, celery, and poultry spices. It was tasty, but didn’t really taste like stuffing. Greer called it meat cereal, though, and we ate it for breakfast as left-overs. I know it sounds disgusting, but you haven’t tried it! :) Recipe

We rounded out the meal with some cranberry sauce (sweetened with persimmons instead of sugar), a “gravy” for the turkey (that was more of a wine sauce), and pumpkin custards for dessert (served with coconut gelato).

All in all, we felt thankful. Thankful for healthier bodies, for friends and family, and for an abundance of interesting food!


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