Magic Tomatillos

You know about tomatillos, right? They are those “green tomatoes” that grow in papery husks, and are the star player in salsa verde and green enchiladas…Well, last year we decided to grow some ourselves. We had a few plants that grew about two feet high. They flowered beautifully, but we never got ANY tomatillos. This year, we decided to put our tomatillos in the brick planter in front of the office window. Not only are they HUGE (higher than the roofline), but they are also weighty with tomatillos. In fact, the fruit is so plentiful that the vines are breaking under the weight of all the tomatillos. Greer goes out every few days to tie them up the best we can, but we’ve lost a few along the way.According to the Iowa State University Horticulture guide, “tomatillos are bushy, spreading plants that may grow to a height of 3 to 4 feet with a similar spread.” Our’s are SEVEN feet tall. The tomatillos look like Chinese paper lanterns, so they’re pretty to look at, and should be tasty to eat in the near future.

The leaves and stems have recently been covered with a powdery substance, but it doesn’t really look like powdery mildew. We sprayed them with an organic fungicide, just in case, but we suspect it’s from the construction work being done down the street, or something else in the environment. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

— Crystal

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