Chicken Update

Our girls are 13 weeks old now, so we’re expecting their first pullet eggs in 4-5 more weeks. They were allowed to “free range” today for the first time on our backyard with our supervision. They loved pecking around the yard, and already discovered some of the green bean plants… After entertaining us for an hour or so, they all ambled back into the coop, so we decided they were finished exploring for the day.

They also all have names now! Here they are in pecking order, as we understand it:

Ethel – the bossy one, and probably the prettiest. She keeps the other girls in line if they wander in the wrong direction… according to her. She also likes to take the strawberry away from the others and run around with it when we give them one as a special treat.

Henrietta – the dark head. Henrietta squawks pitifully when she finds herself away from the others because she was wandering. She may be the largest.

Lucy – the red head. Lucy is pretty brazen, and one of the first to try new things.

Strawberry – muted in color (pictured above). We didn’t have a name for Strawberry until she was the only girl willing to eat a strawberry out of our hands. She is crazy for them, and even though she’s a bit timid, she will fight for a tasty berry. She also lets us pet her with the least fuss.

— Crystal

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  1. Jenny Rinn says:

    I’m so excited about your chickens, and love that you recognize all of their distinct personalities! I’ll be the first to buy eggs from you when you are ready to sell. Way to go Trice House!

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