Feast and Famine

These are “green” beans: purple, yellow, and green ones. They are fabulous when steamed, when they also all turn lovely shades of green. Last year we grew them in the decorative brick planter in front of our house, and picked a hefty handful every few days for dinner. This year, we planted 50 beans in a bed on the side of the house. I guess they got scorched by the sun, because these few beans in the picture above are ALL we harvested this year. We took out the plants after this meager showing, since they weren’t doing well at all. And we think we’ll put that raised bed somewhere else in the yard after this season since it seems to get the wrong kind of sun for growing.

On the other hand, we planted some Roma II beans in a different bed, and have already harvested two pounds of them. We’ve temporarily frozen them and are considering pickling them for winter. We should have another “mess” of beans in a week or so!

— Crystal

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