Chickens! Chickens!

Last Friday was a crazy day. Greer worked himself silly on Thursday to get the chicken coop mostly ready, but the chicken wire on the bottom was one inch too short. So, here is what we did Friday:

  • worked on the Walnut Creek corn/bean/squash patch,
  • picked up Michael (our nephew) to stay at our house for 10 days,
  • bought four barred rock pullets! (2.5 month old hens),
  • bought more stuff at the hardware store,
  • had a meltdown because I didn’t think I was ready to have chickens,
  • finished the coop (more or less),
  • watched the chickens,
  • and taught Greer’s mom how to make homemade tortillas.

The important thing is that WE NOW HAVE CHICKENS! I can’t believe we’re chicken owners, but we are. They will start laying eggs in 4-5 months, but right now they are worth it just for entertainment value. According to the chicken books, hens automatically want to “roost” at night, but our chickens just wanted to huddle together on the ground like baby chicks. Since this isn’t so safe or warm for them, we had to catch them and put them upstairs ourselves. This took at least 30 minutes each night, because they’re quick! And you can’t really grab them well from outside the coop… Greer finally crawled in one night to catch the last one. :) We did some more reading and tried putting a flashlight upstairs when it’s almost dark, and that did the trick.

Everyone keeps asking if we’re going to name them, and of course we are. We definitely want to name the bossy one Ethel. Other names we like are Henrietta, Mabel, and Penelope. Any name suggestions?

— Crystal

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