Earth Day Fest at Full Circle Farm

We had discovered Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale one day in the Fall when we were out hitting garage sales. They put on an Earth Day Festival this Sunday 11am-3pm. So, after church we splurged on some Korean BBQ and headed over to check it out. Now Do-it-Yourself Korean BBQ is a treat if you’ve never done it? There is a grill in the middle of the table, you go to a buffet and pick your own meat, fish, etc. and grill it yourself! F-U-N!

So, once we finished grilling various meat and baby octopi, we headed over to the farm. Their Earth Day Festival was OK. The very first thing we noticed was an activity for kids which I labeled “Fort Building!” That is what looked like, what it was I don’t know. But if I were seven years old, it would sure be Fort Building to me!

They had a solar powered greenhouse with starts inside. Their starts made me feel a lot better about mine. These Red Russian Kale were sown 3/2 according to the tag. That makes them six and a half weeks along and still that small! I get impatient with my starts. It’s something I am working on. . .

It was a fun event though. Crystal talked to the Slow Food guy. Kaiser Permanente had a table with health, wellness info. There were some people from a Mountain Lion study group with a well put together display about their work with lions in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

There were also folks from a Solar Company that is working on a grid-tied solar installation project for homeowners in Santa Clara. The company works up all the paperwork for government grants, etc. so the homeowner is out of pocket only for a monthly lease fee on the equipment. Now they won’t spout out numbers while speaking with you, but they did say the monthly lease fee is about 20% of the average household electric bill. That is pretty good.

— Greer.

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